Cyworld Launches, Throws A Big Bash

GigaTeam stopped by Cyworld’s launch fiesta at San Francisco’s Fluid Ultra Lounge last night and mingled with the Cyworld crew, relaxing after their debut.

A lot of high-level execs from Korea were wandering the floor, from both SK Telecom and Cyworld division, along with Cyworld U.S. consultants like Marc Canter. Since parent company SK Telecom has a lot of funds behind it, they can afford to throw a pretty decent party.

cyworld party bash

An interactive map across one wall proved Cyworld’s global ambitions, and party-goers scribbled comments on the spread while sipping strong Cyworld margaritas.

Best part? The M&M-filled chocolate acorn in the goody bag. Or maybe seeing the team chill out after their stressful weeks before launch. Forgettable party gift — the Cyworld golf towel. Must have been for all the VCs trying to invest.