Civilization III Complete


Tha’ts right, folks. I’m not talking about Civ 4, the most anticipated version of the Sid Myer’s command and control civilization simulator. This is all about it’s older brother, bundled with both expansion packs and a few other niceties.

I’m just going to get the the point on this game, and save everyone a heck of a lot of time. If you have an Intel Mac, forget about it. It’s not a universal app, and running in Rosetta on my Core Duo Mini was as much fun and the same speed as a Nova marathon on PBS. However, a Dual 2.5Ghz G5 chewed threw it like a dog treat.

Secondly, why even repackage this and add a few things when releasing it’s successor the same week? Any self-deserving Civ fan would have stayed up with the expansion packs, and Macsoft offers no recourse for their faithfulness.

And finally, there is no preferences for video resolution. In fact, the manual doesn’t even mention that their isn’t a preference for it. So TAB readers, if you know how to run this game at a higher resolution than 1024×768 I’d love to see it in the comments.

Aside from these two things, it’s a great game. It pulled me in, made me think, and best of all allowed a path of destruction Stallin would be proud of.


Of course, in my totalitarian rampage, I left behind an unhappy civilization yearning for peace.
So I made nice and focused on making my people happy. That’s when things went south. My war efforts also left me vulnerable at the homeland, and once my enemies made landfall it was all over.

In short, if you aren’t planning on giving up your PowerPC any time soon (assuming Aspyr doesn’t patch this to become a UB) then it’s a good pick. Otherwise, grab Civilization 4 and have fun with it on your shiny new Mac Pro.



#2 dk says:
No hacks or tricks required to adjust the video resolution from the default. As stated in the ReadMe, just hold down the Command key when starting up for the advanced options dialog.


Whats the Command Key???!!!

Chris HH

I just gave my cities a new government, (republic.) After switching to republic each turn costs me 12 gold. I’m assuming that the reason is the change in government – that republic require more gold. Is that true or might I be overlooking another variable? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help.

Chris HH

Thanks for the suggestions. We will give it a shot. Happy New Year.



I suspect that your problems are rooted in issues of your civ’s government. Most likely you need to switch from a Despotism to either Monarchy, Republic, or Feudalism, depending on what’s available. Monarchy and Feudalism marginally increase your trade (corruption is still a big issue, but not as bad as Despotism) and increase the amount of population stability possible through garrisoned military units. Republics substantially increase trade, but garrisoned units provide no additional stability to your city. However, the increased trade possible under a Republic can allow you to increase your luxury rates to boost happiness.

Btw, you may wish to check out the Apolyton website ( as it is an ample repository of info, tips, strategies, and so forth on all of the Civ games.

Good luck!

Chris HH

I’m hoping to get some insight into being more successful with Civ 3. I am able to get to about 500-600 AD but inevitably my civilization is unable to grow anymore. I run out of money, civil disorder takes place, etc. I don’t know how to evolve past this. I haven’t had much luck with the tutorial, either. It seems the game expects the player to figure everything out with little direction/guidance. Ayy thouhghts or suggestions? Much appreciated.


Just for you

There’s a universal binary update for Civ III…you should check it out, and re-write your article!


While it’s yet to go Universal, I’ve found Civ 3 to be fine on my MacBook 1.83, Civ 4 OTOH just bogged down way too much for my liking (it’s under spec.)

The PC version IS playable under Boot Camp, but the machine gets pretty hot… it might be an option for some.

Finally, the last couple of Aspyr newsletters have mentioned an upcoming patch for Civ 3, with bug fixes and a Universal version.


No hacks or tricks required to adjust the video resolution from the default. As stated in the ReadMe, just hold down the Command key when starting up for the advanced options dialog.


Rik Eberhardt

Yeah, when I first got it the limited resolution bummed me out. But there’s help! Check out:

Run the hack and choose your own resolution. Then when you re-open Civ3, you can select the new resolution choice. I did it for my 17″ PowerBook (1440 x 900). Worked like a charm.

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