AOL Buys Games News and Info Site GameDaily For About $3 Million; Transitioning AOL Games Into It

Updated: We found out that the sale price was about $3 million..see our separate post on that here.
GameDaily, which has been on the block for a while (ever since IGN sold to Fox Interactive) and almost got sold earlier this year to another company in LA, has been finally bought by AOL, from its parent company Gigex. Financial terms were not disclosed, but I’ll find out the range by tomorrow and let you know.
GameDaily has two sides: the consumer website with info on new games, and the trade site/newsletter,, aimed at a business audience. GameDaily will become the flagship video games brand with in the AOL Games network. AOL earlier this year bought from Atari. AOL also own gaming blog Joystiq, from its Weblogs Inc acquisition last year.
Founded in 1995 and based in San Francisco, CA, the company says is one of the top three most visited video gaming information destinations on the Web, which I find slightly hard to believe.
The AOL Video Games editorial team will be integrated into the GameDaily editorial staff to create the new GameDaily editorial team. The GameDaily Biz newsletter team will also operate under the newly combined AOL Video Games-GameDaily editorial team. Additionally, certain GameDaily content partnership agreements will be transitioned to AOL. More in the release here.
Also, an interview with Ralph Rivera, General Manager of AOL Games, explaining the deal: “We felt that GameDaily’s independent thinking and also its driving to reach a broader audience that goes beyond enthusiast and into the mainstream is something that resonates with our own programming strategy. The second thing is we like the notion of being able to serve the consumer but also serving the trade via the GameDaily BIZ newsletter….People know when you say GameDaily, you’re talking video games. If you say AOL Games, depending on who you talk to they might be thinking casual, card and board games versus Grand Theft Auto or Halo 2. So picking up GameDaily gave us a very well established and well defined brand that will encapsulate all of our video game activities.”