Protecting Brandnames: Apple Says Our Pod; Google Says No Google

This is more in the “really-what-were-they-thinking” category…maybe lazy August got to them or something.
First, Google has sent C&Ds to various media organizations, demanding that they cease using the word “Google” as a verb. Google spokeperson: “We think it’s important to make the distinction between using the word Google to describe using Google to search the internet, and using the word Google to describe searching the internet. It has some serious trademark issues.”
Now Apple has become similarly protective over the word “pod”–despite whether a product relates to its iPod digital-music players. It has has sent C&D letters to at least two companies:, which sells a device for collecting data from vending machines called Profit Pod, received one of the letters. TightPod, which manufactures laptop-protecting covers, received another. Apple asked both companies to rename their products, arguing that they infringe its iPod trademark.
Mach5products also applied for a patent on the name of its product in 2004, an action Apple requested the company rescind in its letter.