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Congrats to Catholic Insider, winner of the Best Mobile Podcast

A sincere congratulations goes out to Father Roderick Vonhogen, host of the Catholic Insider podcast and Best Mobile Podcast for 2006. Based on prior comments and e-mails, I’m sure some folks will begin down the “Wait a second, how can that be considered a mobile podcast?” path. For what it’s worth, I’m going to offer my two cents: it is what it is and Catholic Insider is definitely award-worthy, so I hope folks will NOT raise the question of a podcast’s category. Instead, why not drop a note to Father Roderick and congratulate him?

Personally, I find that the soundseeing tours presented are top-notch and take people to places they would never get to themselves. Regardless of religious beliefs, I can honestly say that this podcast affected me profoundly last year. Whether you are of Catholic faith or not, when the Pope passed away, you knew about it because of the world leader status held by the Pope. I will never forget that time; not because of the news, not because of the television, but because Father Roderick shared the immense feeling of grief and loss with one of the most simplest, yet moving podcasts I’ve ever heard. If you missed it, it’s only 2:01 long. Hop on over to the Catholic Insider page and give a listen to CI #24 if you want to see what I mean.

Thanks one last time for the great support you’ve shown MobileTechRoundup! As long as you keep listening, we’ll keep recording!


5 Responses to “Congrats to Catholic Insider, winner of the Best Mobile Podcast”

  1. Well said Kevin. I agree CI is a great podcast and the soundseeing tours he has done of Rome and Ireland are really good.

    I for one never looked at the Podcast Awards site during nominations time, so not sure if it said exactly what they meant by “Mobile Podcast”, as are not ALL podcasts ‘mobile’, as you can take and listen to them anywhere? Maybe if the CommuteCast was still podcasting it would have been a shoe in for the mobile podcast category. LOL!! ;)

    Anyways, just remember “it was an honor JUST to be nominated” LOL

    I did vote for MOTR the one time I did vote, sorry but I don’t have time to vote everyday. I was lucky to find time to vote the one time.

    Keep up the fun and informative podcast James, Kevin and Matt

  2. Don't Panic!

    Being a Catholic non-iPod owning mobile user I’d just like to say congrats to CI. Mobile is mobile… It is harder for a techsite to pass threw the eye… Oh, nevermind.

  3. Well said, Kevin…Yeah this was a hard one for me to vote for (I ended up splitting my votes). I’m a big fan of Fr Roderick’s podcasts (Catholic Insider, Daily Breakfast, etc) and more recently I’ve fallen in love with MTR.

    I remember the podcast episode you were mentioning. I was catching up on the Catholic Insider last fall after having found it and I was sitting in my car waiting for a friend to get off work when he was doing his soundseeing from the square when they announced the Pope’s death. It was a deeply moving podcast and amazing that he was there and so close and able to catch that much audio detail.