Comcast Digital Content Plans: People Want One Video Source

AdAge has a good overview story, though it is more speculative than it needed to be (similar to a WSJ story in June): it says that Comcast has Yahoo-size ambitions and sees the internet as key to raising its profile, and share of ad budgets.
And if this quote is an accurate portrayal of Comcast’s thinking, then it is in for trouble: “For us to be successful online, you have to believe that people will still want to come to a single source for much of their online-video entertainment,” said Warren Schlichting, VP-new business strategies at Comcast. “That’s the basic underlying philosophy. We think there’s a role for somebody to work with many content providers.”
Some present numbers which makes them hopeful: Comcast’s broadband player, The Fan is tracking at more than 60 million views a month, and that’s with a viewer base of 10 million high-speed-data customers. By contrast, the video-rich, which is open to all, gets about 60 million video views a month.
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