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ZeroShock sleeve for your notebook

ZeroshockSince sleeveless sweater-vests don’t appear to be making a comeback, one of the most protective devices for a notebook computer is arguably a notebook sleeve. Shinza sells the ZeroShock, with available sizes ranging from 11- to 17-inches; plus you can choose from a variety of colors so you don’t make a fashion faux-pas.

Shinza indicates that these cases are made from "high-resistance polyurethane foam that provides superior absorption of external impact force". While it sounds like my MemoryFoam pillow, these cases compress and expand back very slowly. Shinza even shares some "shock test" results indicating how these cases can withstand up to 100G’s more impact than other notebook sleeves. Funny, no comparisons against those sweater-vests. Case prices start at $29.95 direct; tack on $5 for the larger or widescreen sleeves.


(via Ubergizmo)

3 Responses to “ZeroShock sleeve for your notebook”

  1. I’ve been using a ZeroShock case for more than a year. It’s the case I pull out of my pack in my gadget bag video. In the pack, it’s an extra layer of protection. Out of the pack, it’s a super case. Better than anything short of a hard case. Can’t comment on customer service; I picked mine up during my vacation in Japan. Best way to get the right fit. :)

  2. Matt Smith

    I’ve been using one of these for my TC1100 (it’s their 11″ sleeve) for a while now, and it’s great. I wish they made them small enough for the Q1 as well. I have to say though that their customer service is a little tough. When I ordered it originally they sent me the wrong one and it took forever to get it switched out.