SafeBoot encrypts your Windows Mobile device


Safeboot_logoKeeping private and confidential data on a mobile device can be a risky proposition; misplace the device and you run the risk of the data finding it’s way to into someone else’s hands. One option to protect that data is SafeBoot’s Device Encryption for Windows Mobile:

"SafeBoot® Device Encryption™ requires both users and machines to be authenticated before the system boots, and its features include secure hibernation, pre-boot event logging, an optional data bomb, token support, and integration with SafeBoot® Management Center™ for password reset and policy synchronization with Active Directory®, Novell®, PKI, and others. Encryption of internal data, files, databases, and memory cards is performed transparently and automatically when the device is turned on and off." Check out the full press release at SafeBoot’s site.

(via Mobility Site)


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