Motricity’s Mega Money, Just Not Qualcomm’s

Last week the mobile content management company Motricity rung up at least $32 million in a series G funding that could include an additional amount of financing. They’re sure moving through the alphabet pretty quickly!

There has been some speculation about how much more money their round includes, and reports have suggested a total of $60 million with additional investors including Qualcomm. We contacted Motricity about the additional funds and investors and they emailed us this weekend saying that Qualcomm is not an investor in this round.

“The Qualcomm relationship only comes in that they were an investor in M7 Networks and we acquired that company a year ago. So, they’ve never invested into Motricity…only a company that we acquired,” says Motricity’s Director of Corporate Communications Les Hamashima.

Les didn’t comment on the total amount of the round, but once we find out we’ll update the story.

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