Jeff Clavier’s Big Day


Jeff Clavier just might be the Web 2.0 VC – eight months after America Online bought one of his portfolio companies, Truveo, he hit another home run today. AOL, has bought another one of his portfolio companies, Userplane. That’s pretty good track record for one man, who apparently has overcome the human need for sleep.
And if that was not enough, Netvibes, a Paris-based start-up where he plays an advisory role, raised $15 million from Index Ventures and Accel Partners. On his blog, he writes….

Userplane is in the business of powering online communities with a suite of communication tools: Instant Messaging, Chat rooms, A/V Recorder – on a white label basis. The original model was to license these tools to very large social networking and dating sites (MySpace, Friendster,,…), to which a free ad-supported version was added in June 2005. Now, about 120,000 communities use this suite of zero-install, zero-download communication products reaching millions of users in 25+ countries. The ad-supported version recently broke the billion monthly ad impressions, adding meaningful revenues…

Jeff, time to crack open that bottle of bubbly!



Jeff, you simply must share the technique for skipping over that pesky sleep that Om mentions! :)

Congrats man, keep up the great work.


yes, while everyone is pumping pumping vc funds into web2.0 that support the myspace arena.. Jeff has quietly forked his folio ..

IMHO an interesting manoeuvre and strategy..

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