Amateurs Get in on the Paparazzi Beat


(NYT Reg required) The NYT has a good piece on citizen journalism, and whether it should be regarded as the bold new age of reporting or a terrifying tool of privacy invasion, or both. German tabloid Bild is paying 500-1,000 euros for a picture taken with a cameraphone that they use, and has already tussled with the lawyers of celebrities. However, there is something to be said for people being able to take photos of genuinely news-worthy events as they happen. “Being the first on the scene is valuable,” said McRae of Scoopt. “It’s thousands of times more valuable than the quality.”…But a cursory click through Mr. Simon’s reader-reporter inbox at Bild shows that Mr. McRae’s vision may be years away. For every newsworthy accident or fire, there are several comical road signs, pet portraits or celebrity photos where nothing is happening.”

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