Leopard to include Ruby on Rails


Apple will be including Ruby on Rails in the next version of OS X (Leopard), both server and client.

I’m a big fan of RoR and since the version of Ruby that shipped with my Mac was a little botched, I’m excited to hear that they’re including a tested version of both Ruby and Rails in the next version.

I wonder how many Rails sites will be running on the new Xeon Xserves? I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one, that’s for sure!


Mark Burgess

Has anyone heard about which versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP will be in Leopard? The ones included with Tiger are getting a bit long in the tooth.

Brandon Eley

Scott, did you try Locomotive for OSX? It’s a standalone Ruby on Rails installation that you can just drop into your App folder.

I did it the hard way, line by line as is in the instructions for installing RoR on Mac OS X, but soon after saw Locomotive and wished I had just waited. Either way, there are options that will get RoR working on your Mac.


Glad to hear this!

Struggled installing RoR on Tiger last week to play around w/ some of the latest blog and general CMS, but couldn’t get it set up.

Leopard should save me this trouble.

Gerald Buckley

I know of three yet to be provisioned new XServes that will be running RoR on five web sites. What we have now a G4 and two G5 XServes do a great job. I can only imagine how much faster some of the processor and i/o dependent functions will be. Totally pumped about the architecture updates.

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