BBC’s Mulling Over DAB Chip for MP3 Players and Phones


For now, this is in fantasy realm, but since this is BBC mulling over it, you have to listen: in UK, BBC is planning on (or having talks, depending on who you believe) developing a DAB chip that would plug in to mobile devices, giving owners digital radio on the move.
Radio and music interactive controller at BBC Simon Nelson said: “We are aware that the iPod makes up a significant proportion of the MP3 market and it doesn’t have a DAB chip. It’s very early stages, but we would like to enable everyone in the UK to listen digitally. We need to ensure there are devices available to enable people to listen to radio–especially on something that they already carry around.”
BBC News: The plug-in gadget would not be limited to playing the BBC digital radio stations. Versions might also be available for mobile phones and cars.

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