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And Now For A Brief Commercial Break….

We had a big week – launched the new look, had a party and signed on two sponsors. I would like to take a moment and say thanks to Odesk and Bix, who came on board sight unseen, and without knowing how their ads were going to be displayed on the site.

Odesk is a service where you can hire programmers and technical talent from around the world. To find out more about how oDesk works, watch their demo.

Bix is an online contest platform. Just to try it out, we are running a Guest Post Contest with Bix. You can submit an entry on topics relevant to GigaOM, and the community votes on the entry which should be published as a “featured” entry. Winner gets a $100 gift certificate.

If you like to sponsor GigaOM, you can get in touch with us (at ads at gigaom dot com) or our advertising partners at FM Publishing.