As the cliche goes: Every problem is an opportunity in disguise., one of India’s most popular userdriven portals sent out an email to its members (I’m one) informing them of a threat and a mis-information campaign that came to a climax with an extortion call. There’s also an email that looks vaguely threatening.
In his email to MouthShut members, CEO Faisal I Farooqui mentions this email in the same breath as the terror attacks on Mumbai. He has informed the Cybercrime Cell of Mumbai Police and Mouthshut has banned certain user ID’s. The extortion email is on public display, here. Farooqui’s “We shall overcome” message can be read here. Expect Mouthshut users to be outraged, to meet offline for group hugs and to spread the word (like I’m doing with this post). That’s viral marketing for you!