Lions Gate Entertainment’s Digital Plans

Some talks about movie studio Lions Gate‘s digital business and plans in its Q2 earnings, announced earlier this week. It said in the call that its digital delivery deals in place with Cinema Now, Movielink, and iTunes, with upcoming announcements with at least two more major industry players. (Ed: One should be…who’s the other? Wal-Mart?)
Also, LGF owns 21 percent of CinemaNow, and LGF president Steve Beeks said on the call: In the month of July alone, after Cinema Now announced download-to-burn, it achieved nearly as many buys as in the previous three months combined.
Also, on how soon the digital movie business will grow, he said: “It has grown dramatically just in the last three or four months of electronic sell-through and downloads — it is hard to estimate how long it is going to take us to get to that 10% or 20% level, but I would estimate definitely inside of five years.”
Transcript of the call here.