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Industry Moves: Virgin Digital CEO & CTO Leave to Form Consultancy

So what if there’s no money to be made in digital music? You can always make money giving advice on how to make money, by spending more money. Wait, Ted, that’s a joke. Really.
Virgin Digital, the digital music arm of Virgin has seen many of its senior execs leave over the last few months…first David Brody, former VP Marketing and Alex Bernstein, formerly SVP, left to form a hybrid venture and consulting firm called North Venture Partners.
Now Zack Zalon, VD’s CEO, and CTO Brendon Cassidy have left, to form a new digital media consultancy called Wilshire Media Group, and Virgin Entertainment Worldwide will be the company’s first client.
Then in a more high profile case, Ted Cohen left EMI two months ago to start digital media consultancy TAG Strategic along with two other senior industry execs.
But if no one’s left to run the show, who will they consult to? Again, that’s a joke.