Apple could allow video downloads to be burned to DVD

According to this AP story, “A film industry group is set to remove some of the procedural hurdles that prevented the legal recording of movies onto blank DVDs in a further sign that Hollywood studios are preparing to expand what consumers can do with downloadable movies.”

Apparently that is why Apple’s iTunes Music Store does not allow purchased video files to be burned to set-top-playable DVDs, which originally seemed an odd omission given you could burn purchased music tracks to standard audio CD (the only way to remove the Fairplay DRM).

The author even points out the implications: “Online merchants, like Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes Music Store, could start to allow video downloads to be transferred onto DVDs.”

I encourage Apple to do so, as the disability to burn to DVD has kept me from having much interest in purchasing video content. Having to schlep the multi-MB file over to a laptop, string the laptop to the TV with multiple cables and so forth is not my idea of ease-of-use. And if they want to start selling (not renting) movies, the ability to burn to DVD is a key issue to me.


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