Touchscreen Motion LE1600 and Vista


Vista_touch_motion_1Oh, that Craig Pringle is a lucky man! He has one of the Motion LE1600 touchscreen slate Tablet PCs and immediately got the latest and greatest Microsoft Windows Vista build (5472 for those keeping score) up and running. So far, we just have the teaser of "Oh man the Vista touch interface is sweet" from Craig, but there’s SURE to be a follow up! Now if we can just get Craig, Hugo, the touchscreen LE1600 and a video-camera in the room…..Craig?

(via GottaBeMobile)



Hugo Ortega

Craig lives a 6 hr plane ride away, if he was any closer I’d have already posted some videos. Hope he gets onto it soon.


I’m really curious to see more info about the device…I was looking at a Fujitsu that had a passive touch-capable screen and what drove me nuts is that it kept registering my hand touching the pad as I tried to write. I wonder if they’re addressing how something can be pen sensitive without picking up accidental pressure from the hand. Because heaven knows I couldn’t write on something that size without my hand touching.

Wow that looks nice though!

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