MobileTechReview: Nokia N73 is a shutterbug’s dream


Nokia_n73_inhandWow is all I can say. It’s hard to believe that the Nokia N73 is a smartphone when you get to see the pics provided by the 3.2 Megapixel sensor and Carl Zeiss optics. Lisa Gade provides all of the hands-on information you could want in her review of the Nokia N73. Like many of the high-end Nokia phones, this GSM phone isn’t available directly from any U.S. carriers, so you’ll pay some good money (around $550) for this killer smartphone and digital camera combo. After reading Lisa’s review and seeing the stunning picture output from the N73, I’d say the price is actually not that bad, but you be the judge. When I compare pics, the N73 appears to provide higher quality photos than my 5 Megapixel shooter, likely due to the optics on the N73.

About the only negative Lisa could find is the lack of integrated WiFi on the unit, which could be a deal-breaker for some.



Richard Gough

I just did a road trip around New England using nothing but the N73 to update my Blog via the Flickr direct to email and blog service. It worked really well and meant I good leave my laptop behind. I carried a Nokia 770 internet tablet for web browsing. As they use the same charger it kept the weight and footprint really small. You can see the results at my website, the N73 a brilliant mobile blogging solution.

Philip Ferris

I can hardly wait to see the N93 out there. So far my preferred carrier Orange hasn’t shown when it might take up the Sony Ericsson P990i never mind the N93.

Since I got my wife our first digital camera the photography bug has bitten me again. It’s her birthday present but in 4 weeks she has taken 20 shots and I’ve passed 500.

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