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Update, Reload & Party

Folks – we are going to be relaunching our site shortly, and what this means is that there will be moments of high anxiety and major service disruptions. Well, anxiety for us at least. And I apologize in advance for service disruption.

As of now we are not going to be making any updates to the site, up until we have cut to over to the new servers, and the new look. This should take most of the afternoon, and good part of the evening. At that point, I would be ready for a stiff drink … and some fun. (Finally a chance to dress in all black!)

We have plans for that as well. We have teamed up with Sharpcast to have a little party this evening at Mighty in San Francisco. [ Yahoo Map ]The private party is sold out (so to speak.) You are welcome to join us later at 10 when the private event is over. We will have a live band and deejay music. All details on Upcoming!


Looks like most of the site is working, though there is some weird stuff, and we will be working hard to fix this. I just wanted to take a moment and give a shout out to TeamGiga: Dave, Barry, Chauncy, Ideacodes, Katie and Nitin, who worked around the clock to help me meet the launch goal. I also would like to say thanks to friends like Mike Rundle who influenced my design sensibility and to Matt Mullenweg for writing WordPress. Tina Sedonne did the most excellent illustrations. Thank you guys!

Couple of design notes:

The Tabs: You channel surf on television, and you tab browse on your Firefox/Camino/Safari and IE 7 (beta). The tabs are just a way for you to focus on the sections/categories you love the most. Don’t like VoIP, but like to keep up with Mobile, just hit the mobile tab.

Featured tab is for our top stories of the day. When you have stars like Robert Young and Wagner James Au writing, well you got too much good stuff to have just one top story. All Stories give you everything from “today” in one easy to consume page. Just want to read Katie’s stories, you can click her byline and get only her posts.

More RSS Options: You might have noticed more RSS options. You can pick and choose what you like by your interests. (Mobile, VoIP & Telecom, Connected Home, Startups, Broadband, Software 2.0, India Inc., Online Games and Featured Posts Only.) We will offer you Author-Only feeds in a few days, so stay tuned. If you want it all, there is always the GigaFEED!

GigaOM Weekly Email: In case you miss it all, we can send you a weekly email, with our recommended picks. Hope you sign-up, even though it’s old school.

Folks, I am out for now, and counting on your patience, and support. Please send us feedback using our contact form. Bugs, complaints, suggestions and how we can improve this: I am at your service. Here is to writing more good stuff!

46 Responses to “Update, Reload & Party”

  1. Ebrahim

    Three suggestions:

    • Too much blue hurts. Could use some other color to go with it.
    • Regular fonts like Verdana (best), Tahoma (good) or Arial should be used in post text, not Trebuchet or any other designer fonts.
    • Why pay for your own “Guest Blogger Ad”? Can’t you put up your own ad directly rather than showing it through FM?

    Not sure why, but except for the comments page, I prefer the old design better.

    Anyway, Congrats for the re-launch! =)

  2. Om & gang, this is really nice! I love the comments section. It’s so clean and readable. BTW, you’ve got the best open forum for comments that I’ve seen on the web and it provides extensive material from readers that really adds to the overall experience.


  3. hi om,

    good new design. looks nice and friendly. but for some reason i can’t find your link section. i am sure yourboadband wiki still exists and i visisted it from time to time to get some info, but i never bookmarked it, because its part of the ompire (and was linked from the main page). same goes for your other sites. any plans to put the links back up?


  4. OK – I think it’s time I told you that you’re PISSING ME OFF for not inviting me to any of your parties!

    You party on the rooftop of my buddy (and former next door neighbor) Chip Conley’s hotel, you hunker down with the WordPress kids the night before – you even send me to your favorite Tandoori place in Delhi – without a name of the matres D’ – HOW THE HELL am I supposed to be schmoozing without your help?

    • marc
  5. om! your avatar! word. you are the illest internet mc ever. party like it’s 1999! literally! btw is this a desi party in any capacity? make sure you have some nice kuris for the exclusive after party ;)

    p8ce out homey


  6. ‘nonym’… thanks for the feedback on screen size.

    we’re still working on a number of things; we’ll try and do a little more optimization over the weekend… after we stomp out a few more bugs, and get some sleep ;)

  7. the design looks like it’s optimized for a width of 800 pixel and above – but unfortunately it doesn’t really play out that way. on win xp, firefox with 800 * 600 you get horizontal scroll bar. which is probably not what you guys had in mind …

  8. Om & Company,

    GigaOm’s looking pretty awesome! I’d beenreading most of your articles on Business 2.0 magazine eversince the magazine was launch; after the merger of 2 cool magazines.

    Now, I visit and read this site when i can’t wait for the new issue of the magazine — or just don’t want to be left behind with news in biz and tech.