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Time Inc’s OfficePirates Not Doing So Well?

It might be a bit too speculative to judge its performance so early, but MediaWeek still does. Time Inc’s first effort with online-only properties, its new online men’s magazine Office Pirates, has seen muted response from users, and some Time Inc. insiders are speculating that its lifespan may be short, says the story.
Not a surprise, since Time Inc has done little to promote the site…even so, the story cites insiders saying that the management doesn’t appear to be panicking, and added that the site is on its way to exceeding that NetRatings tracking threshold shortly.
Another Time Inc. executive was not optimistic about its future. “It might not make it to the end of the year…Everyone is disappointed. It’s just not funny. And it’s gotten more and more lowbrow.”
Worse than being unfunny is being unoriginal, said Eric Valk Peterson, managing partner at Oh well, we’ll keep you posted on this.
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