Sony’s New Wi-Fi Handheld Mylo; Includes IM, Music Player, Skype

Sony, which couldn’t figure out how to make Sony PSP a truly multimedia device, though it came close, has decided to launch a new handheld, called Mylo. Launching in September at about $350, Mylo has Wi-Fi built in, has a Web browser (Opera), and IM clients from Google and Yahoo. Since it has Wi-Fi, why not Skype…so that’s what it has.
It can play music (protected or unprotected files as well), photos and videos that are stored on its internal 1 GB of flash memory or optional Memory Stick card. It also can stream songs between Mylo users within the same network, as long as the users grant permission to share their music files.
Reuters: The device bears similarities to Sony’s PSP gaming device, but is targeted at a different market: socializers who are heavy text message users and music fans, rather than gamers.
On marketing plans for the device, from AdAge: Beginning in late August, Sony will launch, where students can “pledge” and become a member of the first “thumb-ternity”…They can then create a thumb avatar to decorate and use online, as well as play games and interact with Mylo.
A video demo of the device, done by Gizmodo, is here on YouTube.