Notebook Hardware Control v. 2.0 pre-release

Nhc2_1After upgrading the BIOS on my Samsung Q1, the first thing I did was install the newest version of Notebook Hardware Control. Truth be told, that was the second thing; the first thing was to thank the mobile-tech deities for a successful BIOS upgrade!

I hit up the NHC site because I was thinking that the BIOS upgrade may have some marginally better power management feature and NHC is one of the best free apps I’ve seen to assist with that type of monitoring. I was pleasantly surprised to see that NHC has a pre-release new version as of August 1st, so if you have any interest in key hardware specs for your notebook or UMPC or want to overclock the CPU, you might want to consider looking at this great app. There are a ton of new features, and I’m already loving the battery icon with runtime or charge data on my toolbar.



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