Notebook Hardware Control v. 2.0 pre-release


Nhc2_1After upgrading the BIOS on my Samsung Q1, the first thing I did was install the newest version of Notebook Hardware Control. Truth be told, that was the second thing; the first thing was to thank the mobile-tech deities for a successful BIOS upgrade!

I hit up the NHC site because I was thinking that the BIOS upgrade may have some marginally better power management feature and NHC is one of the best free apps I’ve seen to assist with that type of monitoring. I was pleasantly surprised to see that NHC has a pre-release new version as of August 1st, so if you have any interest in key hardware specs for your notebook or UMPC or want to overclock the CPU, you might want to consider looking at this great app. There are a ton of new features, and I’m already loving the battery icon with runtime or charge data on my toolbar.



Tory Larson

Kevin, do you have the ACPI module functional in NHC? I have a Q1U, and am wondering if a module for a previous Q1 model would work. I find that I despise the Samsung Battery Manager…just not enough control for me.

Kevin C. Tofel

Stu, don’t be too hard on yourself. Like the CPU, my brain doesn’t support speed-stepping either; it’s either On or Off, so half of my day is filled with Duh moments. ;)

Kevin C. Tofel

Stu, the Celeron M that we have in the Q1 doesn’t support dynamic switching / Speed Stepping as far as I know, so NHC greys out the options. If the CPU did, we’d likely get better battery life as the chip would cycle slower as needed or set.

Stu Gisburne

When using NHC, my Q1 comes across as dynamic switching, but my CPU speed alawys reads 900Mhz. I went into the Battery Manager and my CPU speed is set for Max performance and the CPU options are all greyed out. I cannot set it to auto. Anyone else see this?

Kevin C. Tofel

I’m still tweaking and looking for the best power management combination, so my opinion on that is forthcoming.

Charles, I had no issues with the BT Think Outside keyboard after the BIOS upgrade; I used it all day today without any issues. One of the downsides to these types of BIOS upgrades is when there isn’t a readily available restore of the prior version to see if the upgrade is causing specific issues. I’d definitely doublecheck to see if the Bluetooth radio in the Q1 is disabled; not likely but always good to start with the basics.

charles pritt

Not sure whether it was the NHC or the bios upgrade for my samsung Q1, but i have now lost all connectivity with my bluetooth devices, the thinkoutside stowaway keyboard and the bluetake bt500 mouse.

I installed the new bios upgrade and the system rebooted and everything worked fine. I installed the nhc and it worked and then i decided to disable the tray icons because they were taking up too much space on my Q1. after i changed the settings i noticed the tray icons were still there. so i rebooted. after that none of my bluetooth devices worked.

and i can’t get the q1 to restablish connection to either device even though i put them both in the discoverable mode. it keeps coming back as service not supported. this is even after i reinstalled the bluetooth driver which i pulled down from samsung.

Lorie Ghamy

Yes Kevin, I use this pre-release from one week. And not really sure the NHC is better then the samsung original one.

Special receipe for Samsung Q1 ?


Wow… sorry about that! Something went mad my endvand I reposted this lots of times!


I’d very much like to understand how you combine this on your Q1 alongside the XP inbuilt power management functions and the Samsung battery management program.

I bought NHC and have struggled to work out the best combination.


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