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Mobile Podcasting Not There Yet – It’s Starting to Happen…

Extending podcasting to mobile phones greatly increases the market for the podcasts, but there’s a lot of issues to be solved too. Most of them are listed in this article, including the problems with DRM for podcasts that include music, the fact that most podcasts are in MP3 format rather than the more compressed AAC+ or WME-Advanced used by mobile phones, and the sheer length of podcasts which can drag on for hours. There’s also the problem that people are used to getting podcasts for free, and companies are used to charging for content on mobile phones, which creates a difference of opinions. There’s a chance for an ad-supported model, which has the benefit that users can respond to ads a lot easier if they so choose. I think this form of content will popular at some point in time, once all the difficulties get ironed out…for example, Melodeo (which is behind the recent Alltel podcast announcement) has released its DRM as open source.
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