Google Going Back to (U) Cali


The University of California is joining Google’s book scanning project, and Google will scan several million of UC’s titles. The project is somewhat controversial, but we’re thinking if author’s and publisher’s groups were half as powerful as the RIAA or MPAA, there would be a bigger debate going on. You might remember that really indepth story in the New York Times Magazine a while back, which lays out the debate nicely.


Jesse Kopelman

Just like Dave, this had me thinking LL Cool J, not Biggie. Now, that is old school.


I thought it was a clever title. Om…do you listen to Notorious B.I.G or was the lyrical pun a fluke?


om ;)

im going going back back to cali cali
smoke some nice cess in the west
see some nice breasts in the west

LAX baby :)

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