Yahoo Still #1, MySpace Close Behind


Yahoo was right to get flustered when MySpace was declared the Net’s new #1. But if MySpace keeps growing at its current rate, Yahoo might have to face the music soon enough. ComScore’s July numbers are out and UBS takes a look: Yahoo is still the top site for page views and unique vistors, though MySpace is battling for a close #2 for total page views.

Yahoo sites had 37.7 billion page views for July, down 5% from the previous month and down 8% from the previous year. MySpace had 30.9 billion page views and grew 2% from the previous month and a massive 233% from the previous year. (Update: We used million instead of billion pageviews. Sorry about that.)

UBS says Yahoo’s drop is in part due to “summer softness” but let’s say if Yahoo dropped 5% every month and MySpace grew 2% every month, it would only be sometime later this year before MySpace actually does surpass Yahoo in terms of page views. Not that this downward trend is going to continue for Yahoo! Also, how come there was no summer softness at MySpace or Google?

Google still grew pretty fast, with 10.3 billion page views in July, up 1% from the month earlier and 69% up from the year before. And grew well on unique visitors too, with 103.9 million uniques, up 1% from the month before, and 26% from the year prior.



Yahoo is going to lose ALOT of page views due to their STUPID decision to change the Financial Pages of Yahoo despite TENS of MILLIONS of COMPLAINTS about their BETA Version…what did Yahoo do when millions EMAILED them complaints????? They IGNORED our complaints and went ahead and changed the Financial Page. So, what did WE consumers do??? We Voted with our FEET, WE LEFT in mass. Watch Yahoo Stock price as ADVERTISERS figure out NOBODY is left at Yahoo Finance to view their over priced advertising!


I suppose Yahoo mail going ajax and a lot of thier other pages using ajax probably accounts for that decline and then some.


MYSPACE STATS ARE MEANINGLESS. You have to click thru 7 pages just to send a friend a message (something that should be done in no more than 2 page views). If that website was designed with the user in mind, their page views would no more than 1/2 what they are now.


I agree with Josh that demographics are the key issue driving “summer softness”. I would go a step further though, and say that MySpace probably grew faster during the summer than it will over the school year.

Josh Hyde

The reason MySpace didn’t have summer softness is because of the demographic that mainly uses MySpace – teenagers. Summer break gives them a whole bunch of time to be on MySpace.

Om Malik

i think those two should merge. sramana mitra on her blog has made a pretty coherent argument why it makes absolute sense for those two to be getting hitched now…

Jacob Varghese

Should Yahoo consider a partnership with another of the top sites?
Replace yahoo auctions/shopping with Ebay?


I think it should be “billion” not “million” page views :-)

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