Microsoft releases Office 2004 security update


Microsoft’s MacBU has released the Office 2004 for Mac 11.2.6 Update. The 6MB update “fixes vulnerabilities in Office 2004 that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer’s memory with malicious code.” Office 2004 users can apply the update by selecting ‘Check for Updates’ in the Help menu, which will launch the built-in Microsoft AutoUpdate utility. It can also be downloaded directly from (dmg). Office 2004 users must have installed the 11.2.5 Update released in July before applying this update.

I know most users don’t read the instructions before they double-click installer/updater apps, so I’m going to repeat this important part: “Quit any applications that are running, including virus-protection applications, all Office applications, Microsoft Messenger for Mac, and Office Notifications.”

A way to ensure this is to first log out. Then, when you log back in, hold down the Shift key immediately after you enter your password and hit Return. None of your Login Items will start up, including Office Notifications. Just remember to log out and log back in when you’re finished updating.

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