Microsoft Kills Virtual PC

According to a report, Microsoft stated that pressure from competitors has forced them to forgo an Intel version of the application.

“It would be like releasing version 1.0” Maybe that would be a good thing Microsoft? I realize you’re having problems with Vista, but the Macintosh business unit can’t be too involved with that. Competition is good, and the Mac virtualization market can only help everyone. I’m not saying that Virtual PC was a great product, but for a long time it was the only game in town. It’s interesting to see that Microsoft would throw in the towel in this area after purchasing Connectix (the original makers of Virtual PC) just three years ago. It’s clear they were interested in them for a Windows version of VPC.

“The (Macintosh business unit) still recognizes that customers need access to Windows applications from their Intel-based Macs and feels confident that alternative solutions offered by Apple and other vendors, combined with a fully packaged retail copy of Windows will satisfy this need,” the company said.

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