Mac Pro, Up Close and Personal


After the introduction yesterday of the Mac Pro, they’ve been on display at WWDC and I was able to get some pictures of the inside and out of the new Mac.

Mac Pro with side off. See below the jump for more pictures.

Look inside at the drive bays and PCI slots.

Cards for RAM (cards pop out to allow insertion.)

Back of the Mac Pro.

Ports on the back.

Ports on the front.

Twin optical drive bays (drive bays pop out to the side for easy access.)

Back end of one of the Mac Pro’s hard drives.



Thanks! But we also want to see the pictures of the CPUs with the heat-syncs removed!

There seems to be allot of misinformation about weather or not the newest macs are socketed. I know it sounds odd but that’s the rumor. This article would get thousands and thousands more hits with those photos included.


Am I missing something here, or does anyone see the ports for the airport and bluetooth antennas? I checked the apple website, and they are available as an option. Just curious if they had internalized everything.

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