I’m renaming my XV6700 to mylo

Mylohandsleftwhitef_medYep, going forward, I’m introducing my XV6700 to everyone by the name of mylo. When I saw the picture to the right of Sony’s new personal communicator, I immediately thought of my current Smartphone, since the functional design is so similar. I’ve got a screen that’s about the same size, if not a little bigger, and I can slide the screen up for a very usable keyboard. Like mylo, my phone supports WiFi natively and I’ve got the same 1 GB of flash memory in a miniSD card. With free third party software, I can use Skype for voice or text, plus I can IM with my contacts over at Google, Yahoo!, AIM and MSN.

My upfront costs were about $50 less than the $350 mylo cost and the only limits to functionality are based on the limits of third-party developers. True, I have to pay a monthly charge for cellular voice and data, but I get something from those plans that mylo can’t ever give me: total freedom to roam. I don’t have to wait to find or travel to a hotspot for connectivity.

I’m sure Sony will sell quite of few mylo units and for some folks that are looking for occasional connectivity and specific functionality, this will be great product choice. Until hotspots are more prevalent to me OR when we see prices of these limited WiFi devices in the less than $100 range, I’ll just call my Smartphone by it’s new name of mylo. How about you? Do you find this product very compelling or is this a "ho-hum" device from Sony?



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