GTD on the go: My Life Organizer for PC and Windows Mobile


Mylifessh030ppcI continue to read David Allen’s "Getting Things Done" each year and every time I do, I get closer and closer to fully adopting it, which is good. The downside is: I also see new tools and software implementations that can help my adoption every few weeks. Some folks use Pocket Informant on a PDA, while others use Microsoft OneNote or Outlook on a notebook. Pocket PC Thoughts raises another good option that works on both PDAs and notebooks with My Life Organizer.

My Life Organizer doesn’t need to be used in conjunction with the GTD methodology as you can develop your own organizational approach. However, it does fit nicely with GTD; sneak a peek at this case study to see how well the software integrates with David’s approach. There’s a 45-day trial available, which is useful as most organizational methods don’t change overnight and there are a ton of features to explore. The ability to synch tasks, projects, and goals between your mobile device and a PC is also empowering because nothing is worse than having all of the task management data on a device that’s not handy. Better yet: if you use Mind Manager, you can import or export task lists between MLO and Mind Manager!

The desktop client runs on Windows 95 and up, while the handheld version requires PocketPC 2003 or better. I don’t see any mention of MLO on the Windows Mobile Smartphone edition, so my guess is that it won’t run.

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