Edit documents with ink or speech

Natural Input Solutions has released the second beta version of the Natural Input Software (NIS).  NIS provides the ability to edit Word documents using a combination of ink and speech on a Tablet PC.  The company has a clunky video demonstration that shows how editing can be accomplished either with simple gestures of the pen or by speaking into the program.  There are two versions of the beta available, one for the native Tablet PC speech recognition and one for Dragon NaturallySpeaking users.  There is no information about future pricing for the program and the betas are time and usage limited.  Here’s some additional information from the developer’s web site:

  • State-of-the-art Interactive Legend Toolbars
  • Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show Help Utility
  • Ergonomically input text by way of speech and/or handwriting
  • Easily correct speech and/or handwriting mistakes
  • Accurately insert one or more punctuation symbols
  • Efficiently edit text with single stroke gestures