Cool active image on Leopard homepage


If you visit the Leopard page and have a scroll mouse, try using the scroll wheel while hovering over the Leopard image at the top of the main page.



I tried it in Safari 3.0.3beta, it doesn’t work.
It scrolls the page too.


I actually find this to be highly annoying – when i try to scroll to the bottom of the page and inadvertantly end up screwing with a quicktime movie instead, i get mighty peeved very quickly. Its certainly not the intuitive experience i expect from an apple creation (the webpage , not quicktime per-se)


Normal!! All quicktime movies respond to the scroll wheel in this way…

LAME!!! :P



You don’t need a scroll for that, just click on the movie and press left and right arrow keys respectively.

Martin MC Brown

OK, it seems that this is just a simple effect of them using a QuickTime movie to give a ‘swish’ on that element you load the page. To be honest, I had never noticed that effect on movies embedded in web pages before.

The scroll-mouse interaction is part of the Quicktime/Movie playback. So far it has worked for me in Safari and OmniWeb.

It is, though, still cool :)

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