Apple removes mention of G3s from Leopard pages


When the Leopard Sneak Peek pages went live on Monday, the 64-bit section touted Leopard’s universal nature (no separate Intel- and PowerPC- based versions) with the following sentence: “From G3 to Xeon, from MacBook to Xserve, there is just one Leopard.”

Obviously the inclusion of the word G3 and Leopard in the same sentence would seem to indicate the latter would run on the former. But maybe a marketing writer didn’t run that sentence by the proper authorities, as the sentence was removed from the page the next day. If there was any question whether or not Leopard would support G3s, I think the removal of that sentence answered it ahead of next Spring.

Ironically, Google’s cache of the page only includes two sentences: the aforementioned one and “All features referenced in the Mac OS X Leopard Sneak Peek are subject to change.”
Leopard G3



I have a iMac G3 trayloading and i have done some upgrades to it, it has 288MB RAM and 40GB Hard Drive if leopard does support G3 will it run on mine?

Robert Thille

I hope that Leopard won’t run on my PowerBook G3 400MHz, that’ll give me the excuse I need to blow $2k on a new MacBook Pro 15″…I was hoping they’d have a higher res option before I did though…


Well i have an 800MHz G3 iBook, runs iLife 05 fine, the only thing that runs unbereably slow are movies on Front Row. GarageBand, everything works pefectly.

I hope Leopard supports G3, if not XPostFacto can help me ;)

Lance Seabourn

I did something similiar in that i removed the hd from an imac g4 that had ilife 06 installed (which also does not support the g3). They all run horribly slow, i mean like you can click a button and 5 or 6 minutes later it responds. I finally downgraded iphoto which is what i mainly use out of ilife to 04. Apparently ilife 05 has extensive usage of the altivec engine. I assume leopard may be the same way and therefore may be unbearably slow.

Mr X

Come to think of it i may have a way around for the G3 support for leopard.
1. Take out the Hd on a G3 ibook or desktop.
2. place it in a G4 tower or laptop install leopard
3. place hd back in the laptop / desktop G3
4. Boot???

I wounder what would happen?
I’ve heard that leopard will refuse to boot via dvd on the G3’s (Circle with line through it comes up)
anyways tell me what u think of the above comments.

Mr X

I have a Powermac G4 400Mhz
Running Leopard and i’m telling you it’s really good.
My Specs are.
G4 400Mhz
640Mb ram
Dual Layer 16x Drive
128Mb Nvidia Graphics Card (Core Image Support)
120Gb 7200rpm HD

With the Latest Update of Leopard (yes their was an update)
i recieved improvements in performance and overall stability.
Good on you apple for making a fantastic OS!!!
Also yes so Leopard doesn’t run on the G3s But i mean the last G3’s were sold in early 2004 so i mean the 900Mhz ibook’s didn’t have really bad specs.
900Mhz ibook 32mb vram i’m sure someone will make a crack to allow leopard to run on the G3’s if not then let me say.(Some G3 ibook’s are still under warranty!!!!!)
The G3’s were a really good line of computer.

Thats all from me.

Lance Seabourn

I have a powermac g3 “yosemite” at 400mhz and tiger runs fine. There are always g4 upgrade cards (I’m thinking of getting a 1ghz g4 upgrade card for mine) so as long as leopard supports g4 and runs ok with only 1gb ram (the max of my machine) i’m good!


“The G5 was never fully deployed i.e. no G5 PowerBook, so that leaves only the G4.”

It *was* fully-deployed. The problem is that the G5 generated too much heat and took too much power for Apple to want to put it into a notebook form factor. Therefore, no G5 PowerBook.


So how long will it be before Apple abandons the PPC altogether? The G5 was never fully deployed i.e. no G5 PowerBook, so that leaves only the G4. Why bother continuing to support it when there are all those new customers to concentrate on? I’ll just wait for it for a OS X release that runs on non-Apple hardware before I forsake my inverted-apple-gram G3.

The Gibbon

I hope G3s are supported…

If not, I should be able to run the installer on another, faster computer and use my internal hard drive as a target disc in Disc Target mode. It allowed people to install Tiger on coloured G3s, why not on my opaque iBook G3?


“I can’t imagine apps like Time Machine and Spaces would run very smoothly on a G3.”

Why you say that for Spaces?

I use space.dock 0.7 on a G3 since 2001 and spaces in leopard is not so different…



Tell me how do they make 64bit os work on 32bit processor like core duo …. only core 2 duo and xeon have EMT64 there is no way to run Leoprad on core duo …. maybe Leopard is not 64 and all this is cheating.


They changed it again. It now reads: “Leopard delivers 64-bit power to both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs, so you don’t have to install separate applications for different machines. There’s only one version of Mac OS X, so you don’t need to maintain separate operating systems for different uses.”

Brandon Eley

You’ll probably be able to use Leopard, but just like XP on an old P3 500, it won’t be screaming. I think you can probably tweak some settings and get it running at least as fast as Panther. Might not have all the cool features, but hey G3 is pretty old!


I just hope, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to use Leopard on my G4 Powerbook either :-(

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