K-PEX: it’s no Zune, but it’s here now


Kingston_kpexKingston gives the portable media player space a go with the K-PEX. Two choices are available: a 1 GB model at $130 or a 2 GB version for $180. I’m semi-surprised about two things: one, that a company like Kingston is entering a market that is way over-crowded and about to get hit hard with Zune. Second, as a primary memory company, it might have been a nice competitive advantage to offer something unique like more memory configurations or a way to easily add more Kingston memory to the device.

In any case, this 62 gram media player could be of interest with it’s 2-inch screen and 220 x 176 resolution, FM radio and support for just about every major non-Apple music format. There’s a even something for you OGG lovers! The rechargeable battery lasts a good 17 hours and there is a mini-SD slot for additional storage capacity. Full specs are available directly from Kingston.



Jen Kuo

Kingston’s device is upgradable with mini-SD. So, looks like they met point number two.

Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

Yeah, that resolution is pretty strange, more square than even a standard TV. Maybe it will have a menu border at the top or bottom of the screen. I also see it allows easy transfer of files from USB flash drives. That’s pretty handy.

Mike Cane

What’s this MPX video format? Their own? I also don’t see framerate mentioned. Nor screen color depth. Strange resolution?

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