How to: upgrade the eo UMPC hard-drive

Eo_upgrade Not to be outdone by my Samsung Q1 RAM upgrade, Frank (aka: ctitanic) has taken the plunge on a hard drive upgrade for his eo UMPC. Better yet, he captured pics and accompanying steps so that you too can upgrade the drive if you’ve got a steady hand. Why does that remind of me of the old Milton Bradley "Operation" commercials…"don’t touch the sides….BZZZZ!"

Hopefully, your Origami surgical skills are as good as Frank’s; if not be sure to carefully consider your pet project or you could completely hose up your UMPC. The usage of a USB to IDE cable is a great way to quickly add a hard drive to a mobile device for purposes like this, and conceptually, you could use this general process for cloning a laptop drive. Oh and for any non-Tablet PC owners, take special note to the ink annotations that Frank easily added to these pics. Great job Frank!



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