How to: upgrade the eo UMPC hard-drive


Eo_upgrade Not to be outdone by my Samsung Q1 RAM upgrade, Frank (aka: ctitanic) has taken the plunge on a hard drive upgrade for his eo UMPC. Better yet, he captured pics and accompanying steps so that you too can upgrade the drive if you’ve got a steady hand. Why does that remind of me of the old Milton Bradley "Operation" commercials…"don’t touch the sides….BZZZZ!"

Hopefully, your Origami surgical skills are as good as Frank’s; if not be sure to carefully consider your pet project or you could completely hose up your UMPC. The usage of a USB to IDE cable is a great way to quickly add a hard drive to a mobile device for purposes like this, and conceptually, you could use this general process for cloning a laptop drive. Oh and for any non-Tablet PC owners, take special note to the ink annotations that Frank easily added to these pics. Great job Frank!




thats great. i’m going to have to try that with my q1 someday in the near future.


I need to add that XXClone is super! In my first HDD upgrade using this tool when I switched the HDD I had to go into my HDD properties to be sure that I was using the new just cloned HDD. It makes an exact copy of your HDD – your icons position in your desktop are kept like in your original HDD to give you an idea. And the best of all, it that this tool runs on Windows. You don’t have to boot on DOS or do any of those tricky things that you have to do with Symantec Ghost.


Scotty. That did not happened to me, and let me tell you I have upgraded the HDD using this method to two different PCs both running Windows XP Pro. In both cases, XP and WGA work perfectly. AFAIK WGA do not check the HDD neither your RAM amount.

Thanks KCT for your words.


And don’t forget that possible clunking sound as your jaw hits the floor when WGA decides your freshly upgraded UMPC is no longer authentic and you find yourself needing to rebuild it from scratch, praying you won’t have to pay Microsoft $150 even then to get it authentic again…

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