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Elle Magazine to Sell Elle-Branded Handset

Yeah, that’s original: Elle Magazine has tied up with Alcatel to produce the GlamPhone Elle, a dual-band GSM phone with features designed to appeal to the magazine’s readership of 4.8 million…it will launch Sept. 1 in U.S.. It has already launched in some European markets.
The unlocked phone will be sold via the GlamPhone USA website, will sell for $180, and includes a one-year subscription to the magazine. Includes a camera with 3x zoom and 3MB memory.The main screen can also turn into a mirror. Bunch of other hoo-hah about the phone in the flash-heavy website.
Of course, being a GSM phone, in U.S., it can only be used on Cingular and T-Mobile. Some more details in the release here.