Backup your phone data for free with Zyb

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ZybIf you have a smartphone with the ability to sync your contact information to a server you really appreciate the ability to recover your important data in the event something tragic happens.  But what do you do if you use a regular mobile phone and you’d like the same piece of mind as those who own “smarter” phones?  How about a free solution that backs up not only the contact data but your calendar data too?  There is a beta service that is not only free during the beta but promises to stay free forever that can sync just about any phone. backs up and restores your phone’s data as long as the phone supports the SyncML protocol which most current phones do.  Just set up your free account and start syncing away, and when you replace your phone Zyb will restore all your old data.  Restoring your data should be possible even if you switch carriers.  I haven’t tried this out since I don’t have a regular mobile phone and I’d be interested to hear from anyone who is using Zyb, especially how well it works for you.



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Its great to have a free service that works effortlessly. I got my new E61 couple of weeks back (leaving 6680). From my zyb account i just had to select this new phone and opt to get automatic settings (OTA sms) and voila! next i was syncing my phone. All my contacts (some 345 of them)and schedules were sitting neat on E61 within 7 min. I guess they need to introduce more features and they do have plans to support outlook, ipod, msc for a small price ( The interface is better than i have seen for sometime. They are missing integration to Gcal and Windows Mobile Platform, lets hope thats in the future package as my Qtek needs some solace too :)

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