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WWDC Registration on Sunday

The main activity today at the Moscone Center was registering the large number of people who are attending this year’s WWDC, as well as provide the registrants with the ability to meet and talk with each other before the full schedule of sessions and keynotes start tomorrow morning. It’s also a good opportunity to try to spy what’s been hung on the next floor up, since those areas are closed off until tomorrow morning. See below the jump for pictures.

Registration area pictures (click for full size)

A partial shot of a hanging sign upstairs. That’s about all you can see up there.

5 Responses to “WWDC Registration on Sunday”

  1. Hrmm…. just predicting what Apple’s marketing campaign would say, but probably something like:

    More than a copycat.


    The original copycat.

    … but then again those don’t make much sense….
    and I’m kindof drunk….
    and its 4:30am.