Pictures from yesterday


After I got off the plane yesterday, it was a little early to check into my hotel and get my room. So I left my bag at the hotel and wandered down to the Moscone Center to see what I could see, and took these pictures (click to see full size.)



No way! I don’t think the intel imacs will get newer processors. It’s had its turn.


I’m praying for new processors in the iMac’s and immediate release.. how unrealistic am I? :P

I have a 20″ iMac on order.. let’s hope it turns into a 64bit 20″ iMac on order! :o

Todd Baur

Rich you’re lucky to be there. I think this year is very exciting more than ever and being on the ground floor would be pretty awesome.


Oh man, would I like to be there when it’s all happening… But that’ll remain a wish, I’m afraid… Nice pics, I can’t wait tili tomorrow!

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