Hamachi Anyone?


Rumors are buzzing that someone is about to snap-up Vancouver, Canada-based Hamachi, a peer-to-peer application we like a lot, and wrote about them over a year ago. We have not been able to bet any more details, and are treating it as a low intensity rumor for now. These days the company describes itself as “Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking application.” It comes in all three flavors – Linux, OS X and Windows.



I still find Foldershare easier to use. MSFT did well to buy that company

Wes Felter

Hamachi is currently squatting the IP address space; I wonder when this issue will come to a head.


They say zero configuration, but the support forum talks about various configuration issues related to firewalls. Did you notice that they also claim compatibility with 95% of the firewalls – the canonical number used by others as well?

It seems that the service provided by Hamachi is equivalent to that offered by a VoIP service provider, who as a rule offer it for free. But Hamachi charges a monthly fee, however small it may be.

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