Universal ShapeShifter in Public Beta


At last I can engage in my favorite flavor of distraction on my new iMac: endlessly flirting with gui and icon themes until it is, in my mind’s eye, the perfect kind of pretty. Unsanity software has finally released a public-beta version of ShapeShifter compatible with Intel Macs. ShapeShifter, for those of you not in the know, allows you to change the appearance of your Mac’s gui via “themes” (generally made by third parties and available for download from various sources). And for those looking for a sweet new theme, check out David Lanham’s “Amora” theme (my new favorite).

Amora Theme



Amora Onyx is my new favorite too, it has the perfect shade of red combinated with glossified whiteish grey shades. Made me switch from the glossy darkness of Dragon.

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