New: The Social Media Deals Report (H2 2005 and H1 2006)

New: The Social Media Deals Report (H2 2005 and H1 2006)

What this report is about:

The report covers the venture capital and M&A deals in the social media sector, for second half 2005 and first half 2006 (Table of content below…). Coincidentally, it is also a year since Fox Interactive/News Corp bought MySpace, the turning point in social media sector.

By social media, we mean social networking sites; the video sharing sites; mobile social networks and community SMS services; collaborative news sites; photo upload and sharing sites; podcasting services and tools; listings/review/recommendations services; news personalization & sharing sites; collaborative & social search sites; RSS services; blogging tools; music recommendation services; and other sub sectors, defined below in the report .

The idea with this report is that you will glean the trends on where the money is going in this sector, and well as what kind of investors are actively looking at the sector. On the M&A, you’ll see how much the industry still has to grow and how the M&A cycle has just begun.

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