Help us test the WWDC chat area


So in gearing up for the big chat on Monday during the WWDC keynote, I’d like to have people give the chat area a test so we can hopefully work out any bugs before Monday.

So head on over to the chat room:

Do note that we’ll most likely completely erase any dialogue between now and the keynote and might have some moments where we shut things down to do some updates.

But please let us know of any issues you’re having and with, let us know your browser and OS.


Dean Munson

I have bought 12 Macs since 1990, but nothing new for five years. I just bought an iMac OSX and feel like Rip van Winkle.

What is a good third party ref book? I already bought: The Little Mac Book Tiger Edition (Peachpit Press) and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (So now mail is Entourage?)

Why the extra mouse buttons?

Is this some sort of sick joke?

Laura Koster

Hi… this is kind of random and Im not sure if this is even a place i can be helped but its worth a try… i just got a new apple desk top and i had my uncle who is good with Macs show me how to transfer all my info from my laptop to my new desktop… things were great up until today!! i had a program downloaded on my laptop that blocked any “dirty” sights (a christian filter) and for some reason all of a sudden today when i try and open any program it wont allow it… it just comes with with a message about an error in execution of main script a Pcap error and refers to the console? it seemed to be because of that blocked program so i deleted it off the hard drive and restarted my computer like 50 times but nothing seems to help!! Any ideas of whats going on or what to do? Gosh i love computers but they can be so stinky frustrating when your not too computer savey!! id really appreciate any help!! thanks so much – Laura Koster

Jason Terhorst

Is it possible to have a wider range of colors? That would help distinguish between who is talking, like Gregg was saying, even if you can’t get icons/pics in the chat. I also noticed that anything that anyone else posted appeared in doubles (the same line copied over again). Other than that, no problems that I can see in Safari 2.


Firefox latest version and Safari on my Blackbook works flawlessly.


Worked very well on Safari 2 and Tiger on my G4 20″ imac.

Icons or the ability to upload our picture would help distingusih who is talking. But i suppose it’s the information that is most important.

Nice work!

It’s very quick and responsive.


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