Help me Test Audio Chat for WWDC 2006

update 08/07/2006 midnight: Tests went well so-far.

Note to prospective relayers:

i’ve worked with a couple of users to get them set-up as possible party-line relays, should the call load get too heavy for me, i can forward SIP calls to their addresses. If you’re interested in being a relay, get SJPhone configured according to these instructions, go to the SJPhone menu –> Preferences … –> call options tab, check [x] Automatically accept incoming calls. Back in the main window, make sure the “Conference” button is clicked. Then let me know your sip address via

Everybody else, just read what’s below :)

Josh just told us about the nifty chat area he’ll have running during the WWDC Keynote.

I’m also trying to get a SIP-based audio thing going. It’s not the first time i’ve tried this … and failed. I’ve learned a little more from each attempt, and as I continue to make do with low-tech solutions, I’m hoping to learn a little more this time around … if you’ll let me.

If you care to participate, I’m going to be running tests throughout the weekend, and just leave the laptop running SJPhone, automatically accepting incoming connections, in “conference mode”, thereby providing you with a low-tech party-line :)

First-time prospective SIP users will likely want to learn a little bit about how cool SIP is. And follow that article’s linkage to getting set-up with your own free SIP account.

If you don’t care to geek around or being able to host SIP party-lines from your own computer, just install GizmoProject, an utterly awesome, greatly-designed, full-featured, fully SIP-capable chat program.

Once you’re SIP-happy, just plug into your SIP program (either SJPhone, MindSpring, or Gizmo).

Once you’re connected to me, i don’t mind your staying for a while. I’d like to see how many simultaneous connections I can sustain ahead of the Keynote.

Please do share your experiences in comments below.

update:: This will only be an attempt at a party-line extension of the text chat, for readers to chat with other readers in real-time. It’s better to stay away from our earlier bolder ambitions of this being anything more.


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