TAB Live Coverage of WWDC 2006


Just to let everyone know, we will have live coverage of WWDC 2006. We’ll have a killer web chat area for everybody to hang out and talk about stuff as it’s released.

Monday morning we’ll post a link to the chat area.

So tune in to TAB on Monday morning and come hang out with everybody as we find out what new toys Apple has in store!


Apple Freak

I can’t wait to see the quickTime video of it. There introducing the MacPro (The new power mac)!

I wonder what the new X will look like for Lepord?

the dog

The wwdc has NEVER been live, you are all thinking of MacWorld keynotes, they used to be available.

Jason Terhorst

Karsten is correct. They used to, as recently as 3 years ago, provide the live stream of the event on Apple’s site. Delayed by a minute or two, of course.


From what I can recall, it did use to be broadcasted online, live, that is. At least, that’s what I remember from back in the days :)
That’s changed during the last years, by putting the keynote online later on.. If i’m not mistaken though.

Josh Pigford

Not to my knowledge. The WWDC keynote (and any Apple keynote, for that matter) is notoriously hard to get any sort of internet access and certainly no live video.


Great. Is there any website offering a live video stream or something along those lines?

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