Need Feedback: Treo or BlackBerry?

Hey TAB readers, I need your help.

I need a PDA Cell Phone for my job, but I want to get one that will still work well with my [at-home] MacBook. I’m tied-in to Cingular, and have narrowed the field down to either the Treo 650, or the BlackBerry 7130. I’d like to know – from your own experiences – which is more OS X friendly.

Here are some of the things I’m looking for:
– Ability to easily stay up to date on Work email (exchange server)
– Good tie-in with my Outlook Calendar from work
– Ability to easily check my Gmail – probably through POP
– Bluetooth for syncing with my MacBook, as well as headset
– A good Speakerphone
– Decent web browsing.
– And obviously, happy integration with my Mac/OS X

I’ll of course, also be using the contacts a lot, but anything’s gotta be better than my Razr’s software…

Having a camera is occasionally useful in my job, so for nothing more than that reason, the Treo is slightly in the lead at this point. But let me hear what you’ve got. If there’s another contender I should consider (The Audiovox smart phone seems pretty nice), I’m open to suggestions, as long as I can use it with Cingular.

Thanks in advance for all your valuable input!


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