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Does the Darfon Bluetooth keyboard work with Windows XP?

While researching the TabletKiosk portable Bluetooth Keyboard that is now offered on their website for the eo I noticed that it looks just like the ThinkOutside Shasta keyboard for the Blackberry.  Further investigation revealed that the Shasta is manufactured and sold by Darfon as the G950.  The Darfon web page shows it supports Windows Mobile and Palm devices but doesn’t mention Windows XP at all, which it needs to support for UMPCs.  It would be a driver issue and in fact some Bluetooth keyboards like the ThinkOutside Stowaway Bluetooth require no additional drivers to run under WinXP so if that’s the case then the Darfon, ThinkOutside Shasta, and the TabletKiosk versions would all work on any Windows XP device, including UMPCs and the Sony UX.  This would be really nice as the Darfon keyboard folds in half and looks like it is near full size and most importantly has a dedicated number row which the ThinkOutside Stowaway is sorely lacking.  Does anybody know first-hand if these three keyboards will in fact work under Windows XP out of the box?  Here are some photos of the three versions so you can see why I think they are the same keyboard:

TabletKiosk keyboard  Stowaway Shasta  Darfon G950a


6 Responses to “Does the Darfon Bluetooth keyboard work with Windows XP?”

  1. TabletKiosk keyboard (based on HID profile)—could work with WinXP
    T.O. Shasta keyboard (based on SPP profile)—can’t work with WinXP
    Darfon’s G950 keyboard—(HP previous model, SPP profile)—can’t work with WinXP

    but if you take a look at FCC web, you could find that HP will have a new bluetooth keyboard. It should be with HID profile inside.

  2. I use SmartKeyboard for last month with Samsung Q1 (like your second photo, seem this is the same model). But the vendor provides XP drivers on their web pages, and it works soothly and conveniently, no problems. Only: every time I should restore BT connection in the beginning by tapping the shortcut on Origami (Q1) desktop.

    Finally I can only say: I use my Q1 without external keyboard, more often.

  3. Further investigation has me convinced that all of these keyboards are the same as the HP iPAQ Bluetooth keyboard which if I’m not mistaken does not support the HID Bluetooth protocol meaning no WinXP.