Nike+iPod Roundup


nike+ipodIt has been about 3 weeks since the release of the Nike+iPod sport kit, and thought it might be about time to give a brief overview of some relevant links and info regarding Apple’s attempt to get geeks off their couches and start running.

One of the major questions has been over the interoperability of the wireless transmitter outside of the Nike+ shoe range. Nike+ shoes let you embed the transmitter in its own small pocket underneath the footbed, and although other manufacturers could eventually catch up and create their own cavities to work with the Nike+iPod kit, that clearly would take some time.

So for non Nike+ shoe users we have the following methods of securing the transmitter:

I have personally tried the under the lace option, similar to podophiles method, but using duck tape wrapped around the transmitter and laces instead of velcro – that has worked a treat so far. Another option is to go for a pair of runners that have a tongue pocket to hold the laces, similar to Salomon’s XA Series shoes. You can then attach the transmitter to the lace, via tape or otherwise, and it’s all fairly secure.

A word about accuracy – it would seem that most of these methods have minimal impact on the distance measured, and calibrating it further reduces these discrepancies even further. I was within 50 metres on a 3k run, without calibration, which is perfectly good enough for me. I would suggest that if you are looking for further accuracy then you should probably steer clear of the Nike+ kit anyway, and investigate a GPS based solution.
On the review front, iLounge in my opinion have published the most accurate and comprehensive review to date, covering all bases and with hi-res photos too. I won’t echo their thoughts here – just check that review if you need any further opinions on how great the kit is. Whatever your opinion of Nike and their partnership with Apple, there is no doubt that this is an extremely compelling package at a great price, especially if you already own an iPod nano.

Finally, for your info, some other (non affiliated) related links:


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